The Judicial Council determines the amount of blood money for man and woman for unintentional murder


Adel Al-Harbi (Echo):

The Supreme Judicial Council determined the amount of the blood money for murder for the deceased, whether male or female.

The Judicial Council clarified that the original blood money for camels, and that the compensation for the error is five-fifths, the friendliness of the mayors and almost three-thirds, and it may be re-evaluated according to the time in which the incident occurred.

The Supreme Judicial Council added that the blood money for a mistake is 300 thousand riyals, and the friendship of the mayors is equivalent to 400 thousand riyals, pointing out that the blood money is less than the soul of the members and the benefits, in a rate that is remembered in the blood money of intentional or wrong.

The Judicial Council indicated that the blood money for the Muslim woman is half of the blood money for the Muslim man, the blood money for her wounds and her limbs, the debt of the man up to one third, and then the blood money for the men’s wounds.

It is noteworthy that recently, there has been an increase in the rumors about blood money in the killing and a lot of exaggeration to the extent that some are exaggerating the murdered, as blood money has become exaggerated to the point that some people ask tens of millions for the killed.


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