The Italian opera house “La Scala” challenges Corona with a huge virtual party


The “La Scala” opera house in Milan announced, yesterday, Wednesday, that it is organizing on 07 December an exceptional evening that includes a number of stars, including Placido Domingo and Roberto Alaina, to be held without an audience in Its closed theater due to the COVID-19 pandemicBut it will be televised.

The management of the most famous Italian opera house revealed, during a press conference, the program of the evening of music and dance “A Riviere les Stelle” (“To see the stars again”), which is being held despite the closure of theaters and the continuing health crisis. It preserves the tradition of organizing one of Italy’s biggest cultural events on the Feast of Saint Ambrose, which falls on December 7th, the usual start date of its season.

وأوضحت “No ScalaIn a statement, “24 of the greatest voices of the current era will meet on the seventh of December in Milan to express their solidarity with the theater that has been most affected by the pandemic,” noting that the second wave of Covid led to the cancellation of all its scheduled performances since September / Last September.

The statement added that “La Scala” and RAI (official Italian TV) will contribute, through this evening “full of hope and determination”, to “transmit the values ​​of opera and dance to Italians in their homes through their best artists”, provided that they will also be seen in France and Germany thanks to an agreement. With the ART channel and in many other countries.

In addition to Alanya and Domingo, singers Eldar Abdel Razakouf, Carlos Alvarez, Piotr Bezcala, Benjamin Bernheim, Eleonora Burrato, Marianne Kripasa, Rosa Viola, Francesco Milli, Cami Anilund and others will participate. In the ballet segment, directed by Michele Gamba, star Roberto Poli, as well as dancers Martina Arduino, Claudio Cofilo, Nicoletta Mane and Verna Tobi, will participate.

In the program of this exceptional evening, excerpts from the operas of Giuseppe Verdi, Gaetano Donizetti, Giacomo Puccini, Georges Bezier, Jules Mazzone, Richard Wagner and Gocino Rossini, in addition to the ballet music of Tchaikovsky, Davide Delio, Erik Satie and Giuseppe Verdi.

The choreography was undertaken by Manuel Legres, Rudolf Nuriev and Massimiliano Volpini. In addition to operas and dance performances, a number of actors read a series of texts. A special arrangement has been made for this exceptional performance, which will be held without an audience, as the orchestra will be located in the center of the hall, while the artists will not only be on the main stage, but also in other areas of the famous house.

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