The investigating judge issues the indictment against Nancy Ajram’s husband … Judge Aoun approves the decision!


Lawyer Ashraf Al-Mousawi confirmed, in contact with Al-Jadeed, that “The first investigating judge in Mount Lebanon, Nicolas Mansour, issued his indictment against Nancy Ajram’s husband Fadi Al-Hashem, who decided to convict Al-Hashem with the felony of murder (Article 547) is bound to Article 228 of the Penal Code, which ranges from Her sentence is between 15 and 20 years, and the file has been transferred to the criminal court. “Article 547 states that “Whoever intentionally kills a person shall be punished with hard labor from fifteen to twenty years, the punishment shall be from twenty to twenty-five years if the act of murder is committed by one of the spouses against the other.”
Moussawi pointed out that “Judge Ghada Aoun approved the decision.”


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