The highest in the Gulf … the return on investment in Emirati stocks reached 32% during November


The return on investment in the UAE money markets ranged between 6% to 32% on the segment of shares traded during the month of November, according to the figures released by the markets themselves.

This percentage of returns is the highest in the Gulf region and the Middle East in general.

The increase in the rate of return on investment in the local financial markets came after the great price jumps that a segment of stocks witnessed in recent weeks, amid the influx of liquidity, which increased its rates to about one billion dirhams per day, supported by intensive trading by local and foreign portfolios alike.

The great activity witnessed by the financial markets during the past few days contributed to exceeding the market value of the traded companies ’shares of one trillion dirhams for the first time in several years.

In detail, the return on investment in Emaar Malls rose to about 32% after it rose from 1.44 dirhams at the end of October to 1.91 dirhams in November. And at the level of Emaar Properties, its return on investment reached about 25%, jumping from 2.59 dirhams to 3.23 dirhams and Emaar shares Development by approximately 25%, reaching a level of 2.73 dirhams, during the same comparison periods.

The list of shares that recorded an increase in the rate of their investment returns included some bank stocks, including Dubai Islamic Bank, which reached 8.7% after it rose from 4.11 dirhams to 4.44 dirhams, as well as Emirates NBD shares 13%, up from 9.34 dirhams to 10.40 dirhams.

In the capital market, the investment return of the share of Aldar Properties reached 15.5%, rising from 2.65 dirhams to 3.06 dirhams, while First Abu Dhabi Bank shares reached 12%, up from 11.40 dirhams to 12.76 dirhams, and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank 5.5%, up from 5.75 dirhams to 6.07 dirhams during November.


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