The Health Organization comments on the “encouraging news” about the effectiveness of the Corona vaccine


The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, considered that the announcement by the two companies, “Pfizer” and “Biontech”, that their vaccine against Covid-19 “is 90 percent effective”, is “encouraging news.”

“We welcome the encouraging news in the field of the vaccine developed by Pfizer and Biontech, and we pay tribute to all scientists and partners in the world who are developing new safe and effective tools to overcome Covid-19,” the UN director wrote in a tweet.

He added, “The world is witnessing unprecedented scientific innovation and cooperation to end the spread of the epidemic.”

For her part, Sumya Swaminathan, chief scientist at the World Health Organization, said in a tweet that “this news should encourage all those who develop Covid-19 vaccines to continue clinical trials.”

“The world needs several safe, effective and cheap vaccines to stop the spread of the virus,” she added, stressing the “essential role” of the health organization in terms of “coordinating policies and rules.”

The WHO, in partnership with the GAFI Alliance and the Coalition for Innovations to Prepare for Epidemics, established a mechanism to accelerate the development and production of diagnostic equipment, treatments and vaccines against Covid-19 and to ensure access to them in a fair form at the global level.

The mechanism aims to secure adequate doses of vaccines for at least 20% of the population of countries.

Ghebreyesus called for continuing to fight the Covid-19 epidemic, warning that the world may be tired of facing this pandemic, but it is “not tired of it.”

He said during the annual general assembly of the organization in Geneva, which resumed Monday after it was stopped in May, that it is vital for people to rely on what science provides in terms of advice, or else they turn away from the virus.

“We may be tired of Covid-19, but he is not tired of us,” he stressed.

Tedros, quarantined because of his contact with a person who tested positive for the new Corona, warned that the virus is taking advantage of the vulnerability.

“People who are in poor health are taking advantage of not only this, but inequality, division and ignorance,” he said.

“We cannot negotiate with him or close our eyes hoping that he will disappear. He does not care about political rhetoric or conspiracy theories. Our only hope is science, solutions and solidarity,” he added.

His statement came after Covid-19 caused the death of more than 1.25 million people and infected 50 million others around the world since the virus appeared at the end of last year in China.

The WHO annual general assembly will also focus on a wide range of more than 60 health emergencies to which the organization has responded during the current year, such as measles, Ebola virus and yellow fever.

It will be an occasion for Member States to discuss calls for WHO reform and the responsibilities of countries to enhance preparedness for health emergencies.


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