The health committee will meet tomorrow, and we will take a decision in the interest of the people and society


The Minister of Health in the Business Permit Government, Hamad Hassan, said after a meeting to discuss the closing procedures, that “all the decisions that are taken are the result of discussion, meetings and tremendous effort and the relevant ministerial committee that follows up and we pay a special greeting to the Parliamentary Health Committee.” The country has 3 basic goals, which are raising readiness at the level of government and private hospitals, there is tangible cooperation by private hospitals and we have provided a number of beds in line with the high numbers of corona injuries, and also the goal is to reduce pressure on the health sector, so the number of injuries in the health sector High, and not all goals can be achieved, as all countries close and open based on societal behavior. ”

He pointed out that “the balance is delicate between the body hosting the virus with its stealth transmission, as is this delicate balance between health and the economy, and in order to go towards a safe economy, we need a safe health situation.” He said, “We have taken the minimum closing period, which is two weeks, and I hope that the return is safe.”

“The National Committee for Corona will meet tomorrow, and we have taken today’s recommendations, and what we will agree on is in the interest of society, and this is the delicate balance between economic need and not exposing society to a health risk,” he declared.


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