The health benefits of ripe and unripe bananas


The health benefits of ripe and unripe bananasBananas are useful fruits for the health of the body and contain many compounds that the body needs in a circular motion and there are different and varied colors and sizes where there is yellow and green color, but through today’s article we will know the benefits of ripe and unripe bananas and ripe bananas turn yellow while bananas Immature becomes green.

Benefits of ripe yellow bananas

Banana Honey contains many health benefits for the human body, as the banana fruit contains water and 150 calories and contains water, quahydrates and protein besides it contains an adequate percentage of potassium, which is beneficial to the health of the body, which maintains blood pressure levels and benefits heart health.

Yellow bananas also contain some compounds that work to control blood sugar, improve digestion in the digestive system, prevent kidney problems, and reduce allergies that occur in some because of insulin.

Benefits of unripe green bananas

Green bananas contain a large percentage of starch that prevents type 2 diabetes and gives a feeling of satiety, and thus contributes effectively to weight loss, and the more ripe bananas become yellow in color, the higher the percentage of antioxidants that protect against cancer tumors.

Harmful unripe green bananas

There are many benefits in green bananas, but it causes constipation in the digestive system and it is difficult for the stomach to get rid of it easily, so it is preferable to eat yellow bananas, but recent studies have confirmed that green bananas are included in the treatment of diarrhea that affects many infants because of the starch in them besides It contains a large percentage of dietary fiber.


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