The head of the Saudi Referees Committee admits the error of calculating the youth goal in front of victory


Riyadh: Issa Al-Hakami

Spaniard Fernando Tresaco, head of the referees committee in the Saudi Football Federation, admitted that the first youth team’s goal against Al-Nasr in the third round of the Saudi Football League, which Al Shabab won 2-1, was incorrect.
During the press conference held on Thursday with Manuel Navarro, Director of the Refereeing Department, Tresaco held the referee of video technology in the error of calculating the goal because the latter did not summon the match referee and review the case.
Tresaco and Navarro revealed the conversation that took place between the arena ruler, Shukri Al-Hanfoush, and the “mouse” technique, Turki Al-Shahdan, during the goal, where the good was repeating, “There is nothing clear to me.”
Analysts of refereeing performance after the match pointed out to a mistake in calculating the youth goal because of the presence of more than one peer to cancel it, such as the presence of the youth player in the case of offside, besides his interference in the game while he is in an offside state.
And Tresaco indicated that the video referee in that match was not present in the previous round, and his absence will continue until he is ready.
The head of the Saudi Referees Committee explained that this is the only case in which the decision of the Technology Chamber was wrong, and it influenced the outcome of the match, and that the Saudi referee’s professional project is soon, as 20 referees will start for the arena and 24 assistant referees, and fixed salaries will be allocated to them.
He indicated that the first foreign refereeing team in the league will appear in the fifth round, referring to the Al-Nasr and Al-Hilal match next Monday at the request of the first.


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