The government has packed its “bags” and is waiting for the “names to be dropped.”


Sources accompanying the composition track reported that matters reached their culmination at the level of discussion in setting the foundations for the forthcoming ministerial formation, confirming that there had been “an agreement on the distribution of portfolios between sectarian and sectarian components, and research began to drop names on the portfolios.”
Noting that “the atmosphere was characterized in recent hours by optimism and positivity, after a compromise solution was fixed in terms of adopting the 18-minister formula.” Not dominated by a provocative character, this squad can be finalized within 48 hours. “

As for the issue of rotation, the sources said that “it will affect the sovereign portfolios, my external and internal portfolios only,” while indicating at the same time that there are continuous attempts to push towards resolving the Ministry of Energy’s knot by “completely bypassing the principle of rotation and keeping the sovereign portfolios according to the previous sectarian distribution, just like With the financial portfolio that remains from the share of the Shiite duo, and the defense portfolio, which will remain the share of the Orthodox community. ”


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