The Google search engine gets these new features .. Know them


Google announced under Its efforts to improve options in its search engine , According to a report by 9To5Google, where one of the new search features was to merge two search queries and then display a more relevant result. For example, if the user searches for the word “turkey” or any other word related to turkey and then searches for the word “carving”, the search algorithm The new one will link them and then offer you a new search option which is “turkey carving”, so the two inquiries are combined to form a new request, and Google has classified these search options as “suggested based on your recent activity.”“.

The other feature is to show related search results more similar to the search query. For example, if you try to discover an ideal movie suitable for your family to watch it, Google will display a list of similar movies to help you make a decision faster. Google may also increase the “Ask people” section. Also “with more questions based on related searches.

Google has previously introduced AI features AI New to help improve the search further, and new AI tools have been implemented to improve spelling recognition, passage recognition, understanding subtopics of specific topics, and understanding key moments in the video..

The giant search engine also added a new spelling algorithm to improve the search engine’s understanding of misspelled words and thus reduce errors. According to Google, the spelling algorithm uses a “deep neural network” to improve recognition of misspellings and also find the correct results within 3 milliseconds..

The California-based software giant claims that the new AI spell update “is bringing about more improvement in spelling than all the improvements we’ve made over the past five years.”.”


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