The G20 summit is remarkable success with Saudi fingerprints


Riyadh graced last Saturday and Sunday, on the occasion of holding the G20 summit at the level of leaders in this distinguished session chaired by the Kingdom.During the two days, our country captured the attention of newspapers, news agencies, and global Internet sites that competed to transmit their news, in direct coverage that reflected to the whole world the efforts made by the Kingdom to make this special session a success, which held all its summits, whether at the level of finance and foreign ministers, or at the level of leaders virtually; Due to the Corona pandemic that the world is currently suffering from, which imposed tight restrictions on movement and travel between countries.

Starting with it should be noted that the G20 includes the most developed countries at the level of economy and political influence in the world, as it accounts for more than two-thirds of the volume of global trade, enjoys 85% of the global economy’s revenues, and includes about three quarters of the population.

The group also includes in its membership the World Bank. Therefore, the decisions issued by the group summits derive great importance because they directly affect the political scene, and represent an essential and indispensable reference for global decision makers.

Saudi Arabia’s entry into the group’s membership was due to many factors, foremost of which is that it plays a leading role in achieving stability in the global oil market, and is considered one of the most important sources of financial aid and support for many developing countries. It is also a major contributor to the reserves of the International Monetary Fund, in addition to the rise in per capita gross product, and the rise in the level of its credit rating to the level of AA with a stable outlook. Combined, these factors, in addition to multiple other elements – including the spiritual standing of Muslims throughout the world – have made the kingdom an unforgivable figure when designing economic policies for the world.

Since Riyadh assumed the presidency of the current session of the group, it worked to achieve the qualitative addition, and to achieve influential achievements to become bright signs in the history of the session, because the Kingdom by its nature is not satisfied with just participation and attendance.

These trends quickly collided with a major obstacle represented in the emergence of the Corona virus (Covid 19), which spread between countries, the spread of wildfire, and its confrontation necessitated the closure of airports, the cancellation of gatherings and the restriction of freedom of movement between countries. As well as canceling all meetings and events.

And because the dictionary of Saudi politics does not know the term failure, and the term failure does not exist on the agenda, quick solutions were sought to rectify the matter, so the option of virtual meetings was resorted to, and all relevant Saudi agencies continued to develop plans and policies that lead to success and achieve excellence. .

And because the epidemic represented a direct threat to human existence, in addition to its negative effects politically, economically and socially, efforts to confront it were given utmost importance, so the group held a special summit to discuss methods of response, and how to unify efforts to find an effective treatment that defeats the virus and restores tranquility and calm. All the countries of the group responded to the Saudi call to overcome the differences in viewpoints, and huge funds were allocated to achieve this goal. It was agreed that the epidemic that threatens everyone can only be defeated with the cooperation of all, uniting efforts, exchanging experiences, and coordinating scientific efforts to eradicate its evil and pay its harm.

The most prominent thing that the Kingdom focused on during its presidency of the current session is the introduction of new contents and interests in the lexicon of the countries of the group, and not focusing attention on the economic and commercial aspects only, so that it does not become just a club for the wealthy in which high-income countries meet.

Therefore, I demanded special treatment with poor and developing countries and help them overcome the effects of the crisis, exempt them from debt expenses, and work to achieve the principles of sustainable and balanced development that ensure the fair distribution of wealth, because the world has become a small village, and slowing growth in any part of it undoubtedly affects negatively on The rest.

As for the close connection between environmental, societal and economic issues, the current session focused on discussing global warming and climate issues, and how to agree on general principles that guarantee the continuation of life on the planet that we all share.

The summit also addressed the concerns that plague young people, and held a special summit that dealt with addressing the challenges facing them, how to solve the issues that stand in their way as they are half of the present and all of the future, and the best way to train them and give them the necessary skills to ensure a bright future for them. The Kingdom, in its capacity as president of the current session, has also devoted great attention to the issue of women, enabling them to start and contribute to economic prosperity, and to achieve positive discrimination that enables them to work in an atmosphere that suits their needs and circumstances.

The workers’ issues were also highlighted extensively, promoting their interests, preserving their gains, and defending their rights and empowerment. Attention was also paid to the issue of civil society and the development of its institutions, which now have the largest role at present, as they are the true expressions of the voice of societies and the pulse of peoples for their speed of movement among all groups of society. In addition to intellectual issues and how to create a scientific renaissance.

The current session was undoubtedly a bright experience and a milestone in the history of the group, which was demonstrated by the leaders of the countries who competed in thanking the wise Saudi leadership for its efforts, and the successes achieved, thank God, will remain a guiding light and send pride and pride for every Saudi and our country Praise be to God, she is moving rapidly towards realizing her ambitious vision and will be a model to follow, and a path for others to follow. The consensuses that have been made on many issues will remain a basis upon which to build, to reach the higher goals so that all mankind will be happy with life on the surface of this planet, which threatens it from all sides.


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