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The summit of the Group of Twenty of the largest economies in the world was held in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and as a result of the Corona epidemic, the summit was held virtually and via the Internet for the first time in the history of this group’s summits, and it was also held for the first time in the Arab world, to impose the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia its position on the international map and a difficult number No power can be deducted from the soft power and the great influence that the world counts for a thousand. The challenge in holding this summit can be understood, given that parties in the international arena wanted over the past few years to limit the Kingdom’s ability in international politics and to isolate it from influencing the course of developments on the international arena, but this summit also has a large number of events and developments that have swept the region. And the world, over the past few years, has proven that the Kingdom is the heart of the Arab and Islamic world and that it will remain, and others are the ones who have passed away, and that the word of the Kingdom leaves its echo and impact on the whole world, whoever wants it and refuses from my father.As was expected, the Corona pandemic had its impact on the summit through the shape and through the summit topics that were dominated by the economic and health questions, as the pandemic left its economic and social impact, as the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud indicated in his speech before the summit, who called for concerted action. Efforts are for international cooperation to secure treatment for all countries, poor and rich, and to establish a fund to secure vaccines for all countries, and this is what all countries of the world have supported in it. The other question is the economic question, and in this context the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques explained that the Kingdom has contributed $ 21 billion to address the pandemic, as well as It has suspended debt payments to developing countries, so that they can direct their money to the health sector. The Kingdom was also keen to address other issues on the table of discussion among the leaders of the G20 summit, perhaps the most prominent of which is empowering women and youth and calling for the opening of markets to facilitate the movement of people, goods and services. The summit also opened an in-depth discussion on the green economy that preserves the environment as it is in the interest of all countries. At the global level, in order to consolidate the digital economy by creating the infrastructure that allows to advance in this direction.

It is an exceptional summit because it comes at a sensitive time when the United States is witnessing important developments and a transition between two philosophies, not just two administrations. It is also expected that the world will experience a severe economic crisis, and it is feared that this crisis will turn into a global recession, and trade wars are still ongoing, whether between China and the United States, and even between the two sides of the Atlantic, yet the Kingdom was able to push the parties of the international community to forget their differences and focus on what It is common among these countries and building a common space, and that is a very difficult task. Indeed, this meeting, despite the exceptional circumstances that we have referred to, will have something beyond it and will lead to the easing of the tension in international and regional relations.

Finally, it is necessary to pay tribute to the Saudi youth who showed an honorable image of Arab youth. This was shown by the accuracy and good organization of the summit and the cultural, tourism and media activities that took place on its sidelines, and the young women and men of the Kingdom have proven that they are always present at every challenge and that they are the hope that depends on it in the coming days and years.

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