The first response from Ahmed Badir’s daughter after “May Al-Aidan” mocked her father and described him as Al-Aqra


Al-Marsad Newspaper: Sarah Badir responded, through her Facebook account, to the mockery of the Kuwaiti journalist Mai Al-Aidan from her father, describing him as Al-Aqra.
Sarah said, “Ok, I got up from sleep. Today, all of Egypt has met me,” according to the Post, Professor May Al-Eidan “Media”. And she continued, “I hear about you, of course, and I know that you are a quarrelsome person who loves bullying, especially bullying artists!”
She added: “But I would like to explain to you how much this is needed: First, I am a great parent in the Arab world, and no one will allow you to speak about it text for a word..I think you have seen this enough in the attack of the entire Arab world on you, which I myself am surprised with and thank all the people for our backsliding. ! ”
And she added: Second, if artists for you their lives are permissible, then I am not an artist, so you can give me useful sentences with them (with my respect to all artists, of course).
She concluded her speech by saying: Third, my father, who you have covered in it, has taught me to reject bullying in all its forms..and you are my mistake, because I am sure I will not lose!
Al-Aidan published, through her account on the photo and video sharing platform “Instagram”, a collage of artist Ahmed Bedir and his daughter Sarah, attached to it with the phrase “A picture of the artist Ahmed Badir’s daughter .. By God, Talaat, his daughter Mazza .. Bint Al-Aqra.”


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