The first picture of Maradona after his discharge from the hospital


The medical team assigned to operate the football legend, Diego Maradona, at the level of the head to remove a tumor, on Wednesday, a picture of the Argentine star, moments before his discharge from the hospital.

This came after rumors spread about the death of Maradona, 60, on social media on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

Maradona appeared with his personal physician, Leopoldo Luc, in his room on the sixth floor of the Olivus Clinic, in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

Maradona appeared in good condition, “indicating the success of the delicate operation that was conducted on him,” according to the description of Argentine media.

Maradona entered the hospital 10 days ago, and on the third of this month, he underwent the operation and is now preparing to leave the hospital, according to a newspaper.InfoBay“.

It is expected that the football star will undergo a recovery phase after his discharge from the hospital, according to the statement of his personal doctor, who reassured that Maradona’s health is good.

The Argentine star’s life permeated many health problems, some of which were on the verge of death.

In 2000, Maradona suffered a heart attack after a drug overdose in the port city of Punta del Este, after which he underwent a long treatment in Cuba.

In 2004, when he weighed more than 100 kilograms, he suffered another heart attack in Buenos Aires, but survived, and then underwent a stomach operation that allowed him to lose 50 kilograms.

In 2007, his excessive alcohol use resulted in him being hospitalized.


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