The first infection with “Corona” in this country!


The health authorities in Vanuatu announced the registration of the first confirmed infection with the new Corona virus in this archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, which to this day was one of the rare countries in the world free of Covid-19.

The Ministry of Health said that a 23-year-old youth who recently returned from the United States had tested positive for COVID-19 while he was in quarantine.

She added in a statement that she classified this infection as an import, not a local one, explaining that it had developed health protocols to contain the spread of the virus.

The statement pointed out that within the framework of the precautionary measures taken to combat the pandemic, this traveler from a country classified as highly endemic and classified as an epidemic has been isolated from the rest of the travelers during the journey back to the archipelago.

The statement stressed that the injured person, from the moment he arrived in the country, respected all measures of social distancing, indicating that the authorities are investigating the persons he had had contact with.

Vanuatu, which closed its borders in March to prevent the epidemic from reaching it, has only recently allowed its citizens stranded abroad to return to their homes, according to strict health measures.

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