The embassy in The Hague: There are no shooting casualties at our headquarters … and the Saudis must be careful – Saudi News


The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Kingdom of the Netherlands reported that the embassy headquarters in the city of The Hague in the Kingdom of the Netherlands had a cowardly shooting incident at dawn today (Thursday). The embassy security officers informed the security authorities of the incident as soon as it occurred, and its location was cordoned off, the road leading to the embassy was closed, security measures were strengthened and taken Forensic evidence, and none of the Mission’s personnel sustained any injuries.

The embassy expressed the condemnation of the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for this cowardly attack, expressing thanks to the Dutch authorities for their speedy response to the direct incident, looking forward to uncovering its circumstances and knowing its results, and bringing those behind it to justice, urging the Saudi citizens present in the Kingdom of the Netherlands to raise the level of caution and caution, and not Reluctance to contact the embassy when help is needed.

Video footage showed a security cordon imposed by the Dutch police in the capital, The Hague, in the vicinity of the embassy, ​​the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after it was shot at dawn today (Thursday).

According to the Dutch News Agency, it was reported that the building was subjected to 20 bullets, and the police were informed before 6 am, and no injuries were reported.

The video, broadcast by Al-Akhbariya, showed the presence of investigators and Dutch police officers, while inspecting the embassy building, some of whose windows were shot at.

The agency indicated that police and forensic teams began the scene of the accident, and part of the street was closed during the start of the investigation, and investigations are still continuing.


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