The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights welcomes Saudi Arabia’s decision to abolish the sponsorship system


The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights announced that it welcomed the decision to cancel the sponsorship system announced by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which includes a number of policies and controls, including the approval of the work contract system between the employer and the migrant worker to replace the sponsorship system that was applied over the past 72 years Years old.

The organization added in a statement that the sponsor system was completely controlling the sponsored person. As this system gives a group of individuals the right to import labor as if they were importing goods, and also takes a sum of money from labor companies; In order to provide them with the number of jobs for which he is licensed, the sponsor also imposes a sum of money on the sponsored person, and this amount is a percentage of the salary, his passport is confiscated and he is not allowed to travel without the permission of the sponsor. And if the sponsored person disagrees with the sponsor, then the sponsor begins accusing him of absconding, and this is a crime in the Gulf countries, and it is prohibited to deal with him and he is deported and prevented from entering these countries again.

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights indicated that it had previously called in previous reports to abolish this unfair system for the rights of foreign workers, which dealt with monitoring and documenting the conditions of Egyptian workers in many countries of the world. Especially Arab countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has been operating with the sponsorship system, which has witnessed widespread criticism from all countries of the world. For his lack of observance of international conventions and charters, and at the top of the criticism directed at him in light of his violation of basic human rights is his violation of the human right to work and move, until it was considered as a slavery operation in accordance with internal legislation.

For his part, Dr. Hafez Abu Saada – the head of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights, emphasized that the sponsorship system is one of the ugliest systems in place to deal with expatriate workers, because it contradicts the most basic human rights, adding that the decision to cancel that system by the governments following it is a major step Importance; Given the grave and grave damage it causes to expatriate workers; Especially since this system contradicts the right to free work and movement stipulated in all international charters and agreements.


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