The Egyptian national team is looking forward to the arrival of Mohamed Salah, Al-Nani and Trezeguet today


Officials of the first Egyptian team, led by Hossam El-Badry, are awaiting the arrival of the professional pentathlon abroad, Mohamed Salah, Mohamed El-Nani, Mahmoud Trezeguet, Ahmed Hassan Kouka and Ahmed Hegazy, so that the striking power of the Pharaohs will be completed before the two upcoming matches in front of Togo on November 14 and 17 in the African Nations Qualifiers, where the device wants The technician can win them, or win the first and draw in the second at least, hoping to resolve the early rise of the nations of Africa to come.

In the same context, Hossam Al-Badri, the coach of the first national team, resolved the captaincy file in the ranks of the Pharaohs during the coming period amid a state of controversy due to the division over the continuity of the seniority of the captain’s armband holder in the ranks of the team, or granting it to the legend Mohamed Salah, the scorer of the English Liverpool team, claiming that Neal the badge as the best player in the history of Egyptian football.

Hossam Al-Badri described the decision as still in its position to grant the captain’s armband to the oldest player in the team’s ranks, denying any changes to the matter permanently during the current camp of the Pharaohs.

Hossam El-Badry said: “Regarding the leadership badge, we said that it is of seniority, and the oldest player will be the captain of the Egyptian national team, Abdullah Al-Saeed in the current camp.”

Al-Badri commented that the national team did not gather during the previous international agenda period: “Every stage has its own circumstances and we deal with every stage. The conditions that the team lived through are the most difficult in the history of Egyptian football due to the Corona pandemic, which caused great confusion.”


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