The Egyptian government clarifies the fact that all mosques are closed in anticipation of the second wave of the Corona virus


Some websites and social media pages spread news of a decision to close all mosques in Egypt, in anticipation of the second wave of the Corona virus.

The Media Center of the Egyptian Cabinet contacted the Ministry of Endowments, which denied the news, confirming that there is no validity to the issuance of any decisions to close all mosques, stressing that the decision to open mosques for all prayers is still in effect without change and under the supervision of the endowments directorates in each governorate, indicating full commitment By applying all precautionary and preventive measures, with the continuation of cleanliness and sterilization campaigns for all mosques, and decisive measures are taken against those charged with following up on the implementation of the procedures, or their negligence in implementing them.

In a related context, all workers in the ministry, mosques, imams and preachers are warned of the necessity to adhere to precautionary and preventive measures to confront the Coronavirus, while directing and urging worshipers to abide by these controls, bring in personal prayer, and not allow any serum to enter mosques without wearing a muzzle, as well as stressing workers Emphasizing the clear signs of spacing between worshipers, and not opening the toilets, in addition to taking decisive measures against anyone who is proven to be in violation of the procedures or negligent in implementing them within the scope of what he was assigned to do, as well as for those who prove not wearing a muzzle at his workplace, and in the event that the worshipers do not comply In any mosque with the declared controls, the mosque will be closed immediately and the person responsible for the violation will be punished.

Source: RT


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