The divorce of Tamer Hosni and Basma Bousil … the story of a threatened family or a strategy for promoting new artworks?


Big controversy raised by the Egyptian artistTamer HosnyAfter he broke his silence and addressed a direct message to his wife, the Moroccan fashion designerBasma BousilThrough social networking sites, Hosni wrote a long pamphlet in which he said: “Basma, my love, unfortunately, you think well, and you gave me and you to the evil of social media, because of how much their comments are empty.
Tamer continued with his detailed message after Basma had announced her intention to divorce from him, before returning and deleting her message containing this announcement.

Basma continued to arouse controversy, responded to her husband’s sincere and heartfelt letter, apologized to him shyly, and wrote through the “Story” feature on “Instagram”: “Really, I was reckless, but because I love you.”
The truth is that whoever knows Tamer from journalists closely, knows perfectly well that he is very keen to keep his personal life completely away from the press news and the public, and he is known for his focus on his art. Do you have a smile on stage because she was the one who designed your outfits tonight? ”He asked us to delete the question, and avoid talking about his wife, and it was not then the first time that he kept her outside of his art. So what happened this time specifically?

Did the beloved star, dubbed by his fans as the “Star of Generation”, have to reveal his personal life, in light of the artistic drought and the lack of artistic parties and festivals, in order to raise and smile controversy together? In recent years, the personal life of celebrities has become of interest to the public as well as their artistic lives, and it may also go beyond it, and it has become part of the strategy of promoting artistic works, for celebrities to accompany them with controversial news that makes their names the most popular, as happened with Tamer.

The topic that happened is not a coincidence as it seems, this disagreement that began on the communication sites and ended with it also after a few days, does not resemble Tamer the diligent and keen on his image and emotional life.
In the end, Tamer has a wide audience, and we lovingly tell him that he does not need this “propaganda” that might affect his children nothing more.


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