The death of Saudi businessman Hamoud Al-Ibrahim



The death of Saudi businessman Hamoud Al-Ibrahim

On Saturday, local Saudi news sites and activists confirmed the death of Saudi businessman Hammoud Al-Saad Al-Ibrahim, founder of Panda Markets in Saudi Arabia and the famous Herfy restaurant chain.

She said that Al-Brahim died after a long suffering with the disease, as his body will be buried on Sunday.

A relative of Al-Brahim announced that he was admitted to Al-Hammadi Hospital on the ninth of last month, after suffering a health problem.

Al-Ibrahim, the owner of the Panda supermarket chain in Saudi Arabia, is the biggest brand in the retail market.

The late businessman moved between 1974 and 1980 in more than 10 jobs, during which he gained experience, especially through his work as general manager of a bakery and hotels, and then he founded the Panda Company.

Al-Brahim owned the largest part of the shares of Herfy Food Company through the “Panda” company, and it was the first restaurant in the Malaz district in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and in 1993 Prince Al-Walid bin Talal, Al-Brahim participated in the Herfy Company, which contributed to the expansion of its business and turned into a public company and entered Its shares are in the Saudi stock market.

Al-Ragman website stated that Hammoud Al-Saad Al-Ibrahim was the first to introduce fast food to Saudi Arabia.

Many writers, journalists and businessmen in Saudi Arabia mourned the late Al-Brahim, as Fahd Al-Daghaither wrote in a tweet, on his Twitter account, “I was shocked shortly before the news of the death of my great professor Hamoud Al-Saad Al-Brahim, founder of Panda Markets and co-founder of Herfy Restaurants.”

He added, “It was the grace of the teacher, the colleague, and the friend..May God have mercy on you, Abu Saad, and I will make you spacious in paradise and sincere condolences to his honorable family and all the honorable members of the Ibrahim family .. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.”

Source: Media + “Twitter”


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