The date of the Al Hilal match and victory in the King’s Cup final and the transport channels


Know the date of the Al Hilal and Victory match in the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup 2020 final and what are the channels for the Riyadh Derby, prizes and previous champions of the King’s Cup?

Saudi football fans hold their breath while waiting for the Riyadh Derby between Al Hilal والنصر , Which will bring them together in the 2020 King’s Cup Final.

Live broadcast: Al Hilal and Al Nasr match in the 2020 King’s Cup Final

This is not the first time that the derby has played in the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup final, as Al-Zaeem and Faris have previously met in the same round 4 times before, Al-Azraq won twice and Al-Alamy won on two occasions.

Hilal’s start was in the King’s Cup in the round of 64, in which it won against Arar with four goals for one goal, and in the round of 32, Al-Zaeem defeated Al-Jabal with four goals for two, then he narrowly surpassed Al-Faisaly in the round of 16 with a score of 5-6 on penalties after a 2-2 draw, and in a quarter The final, Azraq beat Al-Itifaq 2-1 in overtime, before beating Abha in the semi-finals.

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As for Victory Afif surpassed in the round of 64 with five goals for a goal, then surpassed Al-Bukayriyah with three goals for a goal, and defeated you with four goals for two, before he eliminated justice in the quarter-finals and beat Al-Ahly in the semi-finals.

In this report, we will learn about the date of a match Crescent moon والنصر In the King’s Cup Final, broadcast channels and more …

When the Crescent and victory match?

Match date Crescent moon And victory in the King’s Cup Final is Saturday 28 November 2020 corresponding to Rabi` Al-Akhir 13, 1442 AH.

The start of the match will whistle at 7:45 pm Mecca Al-Mukarramah, 6:45 Cairo local time.

What are the channels for the match between Al Hilal and Al Nasr?

The activities of the King’s Cup will be broadcast on Saudi sports channels, and a match will be broadcast Crescent moon And victory will certainly be against them, and given the importance of the match, it will be broadcast on many channels throughout the Arab world.

These channels are Abu Dhabi Sports, Bahrain Sports, Kuwait Sports, Oman Sports, Iraqi Sports, Dubai Sports, Sharjah Sports, Rotana Gulf and ON Sport.

If you cannot watch the match on TV, you can follow the written broadcast of the match provided by Goal, which starts half an hour before the match.

the match

The appointment

Conveyor channels

Live broadcast via Goal

Crescent – victory

Saturday 28 November 2020
13 Rabi` al-Akhir 1442,
19:45 Saudi Arabia, 18:45 Egypt

ON Time Sports 1 HD
Sharjah Sport HD
Dubai Sports 1 HD
KSA Sports 4 HD
KSA Sports 1 HD
Arryadia SD/HD
Link to Al Hilal and Al Nasr match broadcast live

Crescent and victory news before the Riyadh derby

Coach Razvan Lucescu missed the Riyadh derby in the Saudi League last Monday due to his infection with the Corona virus, and the good news is that he will return to the Blue Wave bench seats in the 2020 King’s Cup final.

As for Abdullah Al-Mayouf’s position on the Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr match, news indicates his continued absence from the team, while star Salem Al-Dossary is expected to participate in the derby after his recovery from injury is complete.

On the other hand, Mukhtar Ali will be absent from the Al Nasr squad in front of Al Hilal due to injury, and Abdel Fattah Asiri will also be absent for the same reason, but it is expected that the top scorer of the team and the Saudi League, Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah, will return to form the team.

The expected formation of Hilal against Al-Nasr in the King’s Cup final

Habib Al-Wattian is likely to continue to compensate Abdullah Al-Mayouf, who is absent from Al-Hilal, for injury, and Salem Al-Dossary will participate from the start of the match after recovering from the injury.

He will be present in the four-way defense line Al-Shahrani, Al-Blaihi, Gang and Al-Brik, and Al-Faraj and Koyar will start as the center pivot, and in front of them are Giovinco, Carrio and Salem, and the attack will be led by Pavitimbi Gomes.

The expected formation of victory against Al Hilal in the King’s Cup final

Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah is expected to start the Riyadh derby in the King’s Cup final against Al Hilal, and Martinez and Khaled Al-Ghanem will be next to him, and the center will consist of the three Petros, Al-Khaybari and Al-Sulayhm.

Victory Lineup - King's Cup Final

As for the defense, the quartet will be present, Maicon, Sultan Al-Ghanem, Mado and Kim, and Faris’s den will guard Brad Jones.

King’s Cup Awards 2020

Gets champ Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup On 10 million Saudi riyals, the runner-up gets 4 million riyals.

But this is not the only prize, the most important prize is the arrival of the winner to the AFC Champions League with the three-way lead in the Saudi League.

The role the prize
Runner-up 4 million Saudi riyals
Hero 10 million Saudi riyals
Qualify directly to the AFC Champions League

Who are the former champions of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup?

Historical hero For the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup He is Al-Ahly, the owner of the 8 titles, and who also reached the final match on 12 occasions to be another record for the team, followed by Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr with 6 championships for each of them, and then Al-Ittihad, the owner of the 4 titles.

Former champions of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Cup:

the teamHeroRunner-up
Ahly8 (1969، 1977، 1978، 1979، 1983، 2011، 2012، 2016)4 (1976، 1984، 2014، 2017)
Crescent moon6 (1980، 1982، 1984، 1989، 2015، 2017)5 (1977، 1981، 1985، 1987، 2010)
Victory6 (1974، 1976، 1981، 1986، 1987، 1990)4 (1989، 2012، 2015، 2016)
the Union4 (1988، 2010، 2013، 2018)7 (1979، 1982، 1986، 2008، 2009، 2011، 2019)
Young3 (2008، 2009، 2014)3 (1969، 1980، 2013)
the agreement1 (1985)2 (1983، 1988)
Cooperat1 (2019)1 (1990)
Riyadh1 (1978)
Al-Faisaly1 (2018)


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