The Crown fanfare has reached the Minister of Culture


British Culture Minister Oliver Dowden called on the American streaming platform, Netflix, to make explicit that its successful series, The Crown, which revolves around the British royal family, is irrelevant to reality, to avoid confusion among the audience.”Mail on Sunday” newspaper, which called for this request, stated that the minister will formally ask the giant “streaming” network to add a warning at the beginning of each episode explaining to viewers that the work story is a figment of imagination.
“It is a wonderful fictional work, but like other TV productions, Netflix must show great clarity from the start by asserting that the work is not realistic, otherwise I am afraid that a generation of viewers who have not experienced these events will look at the imagination,” Dowden told the newspaper. It is a fact ».
The fourth part of the series, which launched on November 15, tells the story of the meeting between Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) and Diana (Emma Corinne) and their troubled marriage. The heir to the British throne appears in the form of a cold and traitorous husband, the accuracy of which Benny Junior, Prince Charles’ biographer, questions the accuracy. She told «Agence France Presse» that «he was likely to fall short of attention a little at times, but I do not think that he was arrogant or indifferent, I think he really tried to make his marriage work».
The minister’s request is consistent with statements made recently by Charles Spencer, the brother of Princess Diana, to demand that a warning be placed at the beginning of each episode, while Netflix refused to comment on the matter after the Mail on Sunday newspaper tried to explore its position.
Note that The Crown has achieved success among critics and audiences alike, and has won three Golden Globes and eight Emmy Awards, while more than 70 million families have seen it, according to Netflix.


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