The “Chinese” Corona vaccine … a “dangerous accident” stops experiments in Brazil


And the health alert agency (INFISA) said in a statement that it “has decided to stop Clinical trials On Coronavac Vaccine After a serious accident “occurred on October 29th.

The agency did not explain what a serious accident was, but it clarified that this type of accident could be death or side effects that may cause death, severe disability, a condition requiring hospitalization, or a “clinically significant event”.

Earlier, a volunteer died in a clinical trial on a vaccine to prevent HIV novel coronavirus Developed it Oxford university and a company AstraZeneca in a Brazil.

Oxford confirmed the decision to continue testing the vaccine and said in a statement that after a careful evaluation of the situation, “there were no safety concerns in the clinical trial.”

A source familiar with the matter told Reuters that the Brazilian experiment would have been stopped if the volunteer who died was among the group that received the vaccine. This statement indicates that the volunteer was part of a control group in which the participants were given a meningitis vaccine.

CNN Brasil reported that the 28-year-old volunteer, who was living in Rio de Janeiro, had died of complications from COVID-19.


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