The “bat woman” is scientifically proven to have nothing to do with the spread of Corona


The Chinese virologist, Shi Zhengli, who is famous for her work on viruses in bats, provided evidence that her laboratory is not the source of the global epidemic, in an update on research published in the journal.NatureScientific.

Xi, who is deputy director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, recently performed blood tests on miners. Recently, Kanwal had contracted a mysterious respiratory disease eight years ago when they removed bat litter and excrement.

Examinations by Xi showed that the virus carried by miners is different from the SARS-Cove-2 virus, which causes Covid-19 infection, according to a newspaper.South China Morning Post“.

Several conspiracy theories about something spread after research published in February, in which it indicated that bats may be the initial host of the emerging corona virus, after tests conducted on samples of blood serum taken from four people who fell ill after working in a mine and dealing with bat feces.

The Chinese scientist denied, after her findings, that the virus is linked to the laboratory in which she works.

According to Shi, the genetic features of the viruses carried by miners do not match any of the strains of the Coronavirus spread among humans.

Xi has become known in China as “the Bat Woman”, in parallel with the conspiracy theories that blamed her for the viral outbreak around the world.

According to the research published by Shi, “PCR” tests, approved to detect the Corona virus, were performed on sick workers, and did not reveal the presence of any particles of the Corona virus they had, and the workers also underwent other tests that showed that there were no antibodies to the emerging virus in their blood. .

To this day, scientists around the world have not been able to determine the identity of the intermediate animal that served as a host for the emerging corona virus before transmitting it to humans, but some observers still associate it with bats even today.


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