The Barcelona Castles list revealed for this winter


The Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” revealed the candidate names to leave “Camp Nou” next January, due to the economic crisis that Barcelona is suffering from and in order to save money to conclude new deals.

The newspaper indicated that the names presented are: Osman Dembley, Martin Braithwaite, Junior Verbo, Carles Alenia and Samuel Umtiti.

The newspaper pointed out that those names did not convince Ronald Koeman, with the evidence of her sharing limited minutes, with the exception of Dembele, whose contract expires in the summer of 2022, in light of interest by Manchester United and Juventus to join him, making him more likely to leave the Catalan team.

Barca faces a problem in getting rid of Umtiti, in light of his frequent injury and high salary, which spoiled his attempts to move to Lyon in the summer.

Carles Tusquets, the interim president of Barcelona, ​​met with the Dutch coach and sports director Ramon Blanes, and told them that new players would not be contracted before the elimination of some players first, especially in light of the club’s sensitive economic situation.

The newspaper indicated that the departure of Martin Braithwaite became a sure matter, especially in light of the desire to strengthen the offensive line by joining Memphis Depay, the French Lyon player, as Braithwaite only participated in only 15 minutes since the start of the season.

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