The artistic community loses a comic face due to Corona


Today, Saturday, the newspaper “Al-Bilad” reported the death of the comic actor Mohamed Bouhmoum, due to his infection with the Corona virus.

Bouhmoum is known for his remarkable appearance in the series “Gathering Families” by Jaafar Qassem in the role of “Charak”. Which made him famous after spending more than 25 years in the world of television and theater acting.

It is noteworthy that his artistic path is very long, starting from his standing on stage in the Al-Ajyal Ensemble, which is active in the capital. And his many participations in films and TV series, starting with the film “The Woman Looking Out the Window” by Mohamed Olbseir in 1983. Through “My Legacy Alley” to Yahya Muzahim, and the series “Saed Al Qat” by the same director. Where he played the role of Ibn Battuta. An estimated 14 films have been made.


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