The American company Pfizer begins air transfers of the Corona vaccine


Today, the American airline “United Airlines” began operating flights to transport doses of the “Pfizer” vaccine against the “Covid-19” virus to collection centers, in an initial procedure aimed at speeding up the distribution process once the vaccine is approved by the concerned authorities.
The “Wall Street Journal”, quoting American sources describing it as “well-informed,” stated that these initial trips are a link in the vast global supply chain that is being planned to meet the logistical challenge in distributing “Covid-19” vaccines, pointing out that the company’s distribution plan Pfizer includes refrigerated storage sites in final assembly centers in several regions such as “Michigan” in the USA and “Bourse” in Belgium.
She added that the plan also includes adding storage capacity at other distribution sites such as “Karlsruhe” in Germany, as well as programming dozens of flights and hundreds of road trips daily.
In a related context, the United States Federal Aviation Administration said, in a statement today, that it supports “the first air shipment of the” Covid-19 “vaccine, and that it is” working with airlines to transport Corona vaccines safely. “
The American company “United Airlines” sought permission to carry more dry ice than is permitted on flights, to maintain the extremely low temperatures required to prevent damage to the vaccine, which has already been done.
Last week, the company “Pfizer” also requested permission from the United States authorities to use an emergency use of the “Covid-19” vaccine, which it developed with the German company “Biontech”, coinciding with a sharp increase in the number of cases and deaths from the disease in the United States and other regions around the world. .


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