“The agricultural phenomenon” and “Israeli Targin” sign a strategic partnership agreement in the field of water security – economic – the local market


Al-Dahra Agricultural Company – one of the most prominent Emirati companies operating in the agricultural field – has signed a strategic partnership agreement in the field of water security with the Israeli Watergen Company.

The agreement was signed in Abu Dhabi by HE Khadim Abdullah Al-Deri, Vice-Chairman and Founding Partner of Al-Dhahirah Agricultural Company, and Mikhail Merilashvili, owner and president of Watergen.

The agreement aims to build a strategic partnership between the two sides to provide water from the air and add a renewable source of clean water suitable for human and agricultural consumption.

The two sides agreed to establish a permanent center in Abu Dhabi for the manufacture and distribution of drinking water production and irrigation machines in the region, as Watergen developed a pioneering and innovative water-from-air technology and obtained a patent for the world’s most energy-efficient, atmospheric water generator.

The generators can be used in land transportation, homes, companies, events, major events and residential areas, and Watergen is studying the possibility of using these generators in air and sea transportation in the future.

His Excellency Khadim Abdullah Al-Deri said that this agreement comes after the visit of the company’s delegation to the State of Israel last October, in order to activate the peace treaty signed between the United Arab Emirates and the State of Israel with the aim of discussing ways to enhance cooperation and strategic partnership between the two countries, where the delegation met A number of officials of Israeli companies specialized in the agricultural, water and technical fields.

He pointed out that Al-Dhahirah Agricultural Company signed during that visit a memorandum of understanding with the “Watergen” company, which possesses advanced technology in the field of water production from the open air, which will contribute to providing large quantities of potable fresh water as well as for use in irrigation operations of farms, gardens, reserves and estates in Rugged and remote areas, where one machine produces 5 thousand liters per day / 1200 gallons / of water suitable for drinking and agriculture.

He stressed that the global water crisis, and specifically the difficulty in accessing safe drinking water resources, has affected many societies and has become one of the most pressing issues facing governmental organizations and institutions worldwide. In addition, the ecosystems in the world’s oceans are under threat due to the massive waste and waste caused by plastic waste. One time use.

“With these urgent matters in mind, the technology of generating water from the air constitutes a viable alternative that can solve part of the water availability problems and replace the plastic bottled water without affecting its quality,” Al-Deri said.

He added, “In the midst of the growing interest in environmental issues on the international scene in general and in the UAE in particular, environmental indicators have become at the forefront of the world’s advanced systems’ priorities, and that is why Al-Dhahirah seeks to find modern and comprehensive environmental and sustainable solutions that contribute effectively to enhancing environmental preservation and providing indicators. Necessary to support sustainable development programs in the UAE at all levels. ”

The vice chairman and founding partner of the “Al-Dhahirah Agricultural Company” pointed out that the proposal to generate water from the desert air resulted from the belief that preserving the environment is a collective responsibility and a national duty, and that the natural resources and wildlife in which the UAE is rich is a title for its identity and civilization, and for all that Of clear impacts on public health and all aspects of life in the UAE. ”

He pointed out that the UAE’s atmosphere is characterized by extreme humidity, where the average air humidity in the Emirates reaches an average of 78.1 percent, and due to the desert environment, the lack of water and the dependence on groundwater and desalination, the benefit from the intensification of high humidity rates in the generation of water will benefit the country on all environmental and economic levels. And the issue of water security.

And Khadim Al-Derai pointed out that this technology enables the benefit from a renewable source of water for many sectors and provides promising economic solutions for environmentally friendly water instead of drilling wells or desalinating sea water.

For his part, Mikhail Merilashvili, owner and president of Watergen, said: “Our visit to Abu Dhabi comes within the framework of the results of the“ Abrahamic Agreement ”signed between the UAE and Israel, which is an agreement that we have been waiting for for a long time. Two states. ”

He added that they will display this technology in the UAE while its spread will be expanded in the region, indicating that Targin solutions will reduce plastic consumption and will have a direct impact on the environmental situation in the UAE and all over the world.

It is noteworthy that the Watergen Company, which was founded in 2009, is present in several countries around the world and seeks, through its cooperation with Al-Dhahirah Agricultural Company, to develop this strategic project so that it is more productive and less expensive and extends for a period of five years with its development and modification in line with the desert areas in the UAE.

The water generating devices come in 3 sizes, the industrial size with a capacity of generating water up to 5000 liters per day and the economic size with a generating capacity of 800 liters per day and home or office use with a generation capacity of up to 30 liters per day.



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