The “2030” generation tops the scene at the G20 summit – Saudi News


Saudi Arabia presides over the unprecedented historical virtual summit of the G20, which is held at a pivotal stage, after its ambitious “2030” vision was presented, to lead the new generation of youth in the renewed Saudi Arabia in keeping with the economic, social and cultural vision, which is concerned with the youth generation and the empowerment of women .. With attractive axes according to the ambitious vision’s outputs, and this is what Prince Mohammed bin Salman reflected when he said, “The kingdom’s location at the crossroads of three continents enhances its hosting of the G20.”This effective role is an embodiment of the efforts of the member states to raise international issues, and make endeavors with the group’s participants, adding global consensus and achieving the desired goals by searching for means of cooperation for opportunities aimed at facing future challenges, since the Kingdom has the insightful ability to bring about global consensus with a comprehensive view of international views and opinions. . The Kingdom directed the work of the G20 under the title “Seizing the Opportunities of the Twenty-first Century for All”, which formed a large part of the Kingdom’s “Vision 2030”, and the three main axes of the G20 Presidency in 2020 focused on empowering people by creating conditions in which everyone can, Especially women and youth, to live and work, achieve prosperity and protect the planet by promoting joint efforts to protect global resources, as well as shaping new horizons, by adopting bold and long-term strategies to share the benefits of innovation and technological progress.

The Kingdom presided over the G20 and worked to unify the visions of strong economies to combat the health and economic repercussions of the Corona pandemic, and it was the representative voice for developing countries and the country that supported all debt relief initiatives for poor countries in order to enable them to confront the pandemic, as history attests to them with the generous financial support provided to the Health Organization Global to enhance its capabilities to serve humanity. The rotating presidency of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the G20 could have been merely a rotating presidency as required by international protocols, based on procedures and waiting for the official date for the group’s summit to discuss some issues, and perhaps crossing some bridges between countries in the world. But that could have happened in normal times, but in exceptional times, facing the challenges of the Corona crisis and the dangers it generates for almost all countries of the world, it was not possible for countries to face them alone, whether with regard to health risks or economic risks, affecting their future and future generations Coming also with its profound economic and social crises.

The G20 constitutes more than 85% of the global economy, 75% of global trade, and two-thirds of the world’s population. Therefore, the outputs agreed upon by the leaders of the G20 serve as a compass for the countries of the world to adopt, and the G20 presidency is an opportunity for the Kingdom to set and lead the global economic agenda towards policies. An economic economy that enables people, preserves the planet, and creates new horizons, in order to seize the opportunities of the twenty-first century for all. In light of the Covid-19 virus crisis, the Kingdom’s presidency took the initiative to address the challenges facing all countries by holding a series of exceptional meetings, including the Extraordinary Leaders’ Summit, and the leaders agreed on ways to coordinate global efforts to combat the Corona pandemic and limit its humanitarian and economic impact, including bridging the financing gap to confront The pandemic amounted to $ 21 billion and pumped more than $ 11 trillion into the global economy, easing the debt burden on developing and least developed countries, and strengthening global supply chains to ensure the arrival of food and the necessary medical equipment, and this proves that virtual meetings have achieved distinct results under these circumstances.

The Kingdom’s leadership of the powerful global economic bloc by hosting the G20 summit constitutes a milestone for the summit, as it is led for the first time by an Arab and Muslim country, amid global confidence in the Kingdom’s ability to offer new solutions to global challenges and crises.

The G20 consists of: the European Union, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, Britain, and the United States.


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