Tesla faces a lawsuit for hiding flaws in the suspension system


US electric car maker Tesla is facing a lawsuit in Northern California District Court for concealing information about defects in the suspension system of its Model S and Model X cars that were produced from September 17, 2013 to October 15, 2018, which increases the risk of a collision.According to the class action lawsuit of a large number of car owners, the company made efforts to hide its knowledge of the defect by providing incorrect reasons for the failure of the defective parts of the suspension system, according to Bloomberg News.

On the other hand, Electric website, which specializes in technology issues, revealed that the American electric car manufacturer added additional layers of protection to its information network security system after a hacker succeeded in penetrating its system.

At the same time, the website quoted the Tesla network hacker as saying that the American company announced its software update due to the piracy operation this week.


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