Tell me something by Tamer Hosni. Close to 12 million views on YouTube … Video


Tamer Hosni’s song “Gulni Kalam” achieved 11 million 269,000 views, two weeks after it was launched on the official Rotana channel on YouTube.

The song is written by Tamer Hussein, composed by Tamer Ali, and distributed by Fathallah.

The artist, Tamer Hosni, performed a huge concert in the “Zed Park” in Sheikh Zayed, and the ceremony witnessed a very large audience of all ages.

His wife, Basma Bousil, was keen to be present and attend the ceremony, which is the first after their return to each other after announcing the separation during the past few days.

Tamer Hosni presented a number of his most prominent songs over the course of the ceremony, including the song “You Btlnash Ehsas”, “You Hate Me in Love”, the same end, and others.

It is noteworthy that Tamer Hosni’s song “Nafs Al-Nihayah” was a very big success, as it broke the million views mark on the official channel of Rotana on YouTube, a few hours after its launch.

And the song’s lyrics say: “All the good, I forget why I don’t think of me one thing is fine, the same end for sincere hearts. Age is lost from me with you. This is the end of greed, and many needs testify to it. Our Lord loves people who hurt us in our hearts and chose him from among the people. Go back to me, no matter how many other things in my life, I will not lose me.

The song “Nafs al-Nihayah”, written by Ahmad al-Maliki, composed by: Madian, and mixing and mixing: Ahmed Abdel Salam, and Master: Amir Mahrous, Th production, recording and mixing singing in studio m / Jalal Fahmy.

The artist Tamer Hosni released the song “Fi Jamal Keda” on his YouTube channel, and it is among the songs of his new album “Khaleik Foulady”.

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