Technology Today – Apple launches a new update to address “serious” security flaws


Today’s News Technology Today – Apple launches a new update to address “serious” security flaws Source of the news – Al-Arab Today with details of the news Apple launches a new update to address “serious” security flaws:

Today’s news – Washington – Al-Arab today
Apple released a serious update to the operating system for phones and smart devices, and the new version, iOS 14.2, contains a large list of fixes for a number of problems, which were described as “serious.” Among the biggest security problems that were fixed in iOS 14.2, three vulnerabilities were exploited. The first problem is related to allowing attackers to run code remotely, and Apple said it was “aware of reports that there is an exploitation of this problem.” The second problem is related to some malicious applications, through which it is possible to enter the smartphone memory Apple also stated that it is aware of this technical flaw. The third problem is related to allowing some malicious applications to execute specific code, and Apple indicated that it fixed this problem in the new version of iOS 14.2.

Apple advised users of its smartphones and tablets to update operating systems, especially in iPhones and iPads to avoid any future security breaches, and a technology expert said that the loopholes that Apple fixed in its new update of the operating system do not pose a great risk, especially since activating these vulnerabilities needs Download specific apps to control device programming. They advised Apple device users after panic, and installed apps via the Apple App Store to avoid falling into the trap of malicious or harmful apps. Apple’s iOS 14 comes with a host of new features, including the ability to know what If any application is using your microphone or camera without your knowledge.

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