tayyar.org – In the photo – This is what the security forces have seized at the Al-Tuwayti checkpoint … and for anyone who knows something, contact the Zahle platoon.


The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division issued the following communication:

On 11/23/2020, members of the “Al-Tawaiti” checkpoint of the Zahle platoon in the regional gendarmerie unit suspected two people on board two motorized bicycles without license plates, namely:

M. P. (Born in 2002, Lebanese)
M. a. (Born in 2000, Lebanese)

During the investigation with them by the platoon, they confessed that they had bought the two bikes – the first type “Hugo”, a blue color model 125, and the second, a “Sweet Jug” type 125 color Gordonian – from a so-called (MN. The rest of the identity) from the Mashrifiya neighborhood – the southern suburbs for the amount of / 1,200,000 / LBP.

The investigation is underway under the supervision of the competent judiciary.

Therefore, based on the judicial signal, the General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces circulates a photo of the two bicycles, and asks those who have any information about them or their owners, to contact the Zahle platoon in the regional gendarmerie unit at 08-802022, or inform them to come to the aforementioned platoon, accompanied by the documents that Confirm ownership, in preparation for receipt.

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