Tariq Al-Harbi denounces Al-Maliki’s statements: When women surpassed you, they became for fun only!


Riyadh (Echo):

Journalist Tariq Al-Harbi’s response to the statements of the preacher, Ali Al-Maliki, insulting to women, in which he said that “women are for enjoyment only.”

Al-Harbi considered Al-Maliki’s statements “insulting” and classifications that distorted the psyche of generations, saying: “We can no longer tolerate them.”

Al-Harbi mocked Al-Maliki, reviewing his previous statements, in which he said that there is a study saying that there is a substance in burger meat that kills male sperm genes.

Al-Harbi addressed the responsible authorities to take the necessary measures regarding these people who insult women, adding: “The woman is the mother and she is the doctor who treats you and she is the ambassador on what basis she says that the woman is for enjoyment.

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