Tamer Hosni visits one of his fans at his home .. and the child is dumbfounded by the intensity of the joy .. Video and photos


The star of the generation Tamer Hosni is known to always strive to fulfill the wishes of his fans and his fans, which makes him always close to their hearts, as the super star surprised the child Yusef, one of the fans, whom he always wished to meet, so that Tamer Hosni fulfills his wish and surprises him with a visit to his home, which appeared in a short video clip via Tamer’s page on the popular social networking site “Facebook”.

The child did not know that there was a “surprise” that would shake his heart from the intensity of joy as soon as he knocked on the door, and the child’s mother would go to receive Tamer, and the child appeared in a daze from his joy at meeting Tamer, who embraced him as soon as he met him.

With extreme spontaneity and clear love, Tamer kept caressing the child who could not believe his eyes that he saw the favorite star in front of his eyes and in his home.

Tamer Hosny (1)

Tamer Hosny (2)
Tamer Hosny (2)


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