Tamer Hosni surprises a child with a visit to his home … and the latter’s reaction is shocking (video)


Artist Tamer Hosni achieved the wish of a child whom he wished to see because of his love and great admiration for him, by visiting his home unexpectedly in agreement with the child’s mother in a scene that impressed the pioneers of social media, especially the child’s unexpected reaction.

The pioneers of social media circulated a video clip of a woman filming her son, while another opened the door, as she was aware of the arrival of Tamer, unlike the child who was completely ignorant of what was happening, so the lady opened the door and here the child was surprised when Tamer stood in front of him to be shocked and surprised and remained silent for a while .

Tamer also appeared in the video, moving the child to wake him up from his shock, so that the child would then embrace Tamer, and the mother commented: “This was his life’s dream coming to you.”

The video met with mixed reactions among the audience, and the comments came: “Tamer is a human being. My eyes are from the shock, I am not. My reaction is the child. It is terrible. The child wants to say I am in a dream..I wish that the generations will show me too.”

In another context, the artist Tamer Hosni had performed a huge concert in the “Zed Park” in the Sheikh Zayed area in Cairo a few days ago, and witnessed a large audience.

The surprise to the public was the presence of the Moroccan artist Basma Bousil, his wife Tamer Hosni, in an appearance that is the first after they returned to each other after announcing their separation from him during the past days, and her request for divorce, which ended quickly with a letter of reproach from the Egyptian artist.

The ceremony also witnessed the presence of a number of stars, most notably Hala Shiha and her sister here, the artist Mohamed Al-Sharnoubi, and the former player Mohamed Zidan.

Basma Bousil published “Story” through her account on “Instagram”, documenting Tamer while he was flirting with her by singing, which she interacted with dancing.

Tamer Hosni presented a number of his most prominent songs throughout the ceremony, among them the song “Mtlalnash Ehsas”, “You Hate Me in Love”, and “Nafs Al End”.

On the other hand, Tamer Hosni’s song “Nafs El Nihaya” was a great success, as it broke the million-view barrier since the beginning of its show.


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