Symptoms of loss of sense of smell and taste in people with Corona mean patients will recover quickly


The loss of smell and taste remains one of the most confusing symptoms associated with Corona, and the loss of smell and taste can be very severe in some patients, and it may take weeks and months before the senses return to normal, and according to doctors, loss of smell may be a sign of easy recovery from the Corona virus, According to the “Times of India” website.

Loss of smell, which can also continue to affect your normal ability to taste food, can also be debilitating and frustrating for people with “mild” symptoms of Corona. However, many experts believe that experiencing a loss of the sense of smell or taste, along with a decrease in appetite, may be a good sign of a mild injury that is easy to heal, as it may protect people from exposure to the other deadly signs of Corona, namely respiratory and inflammatory attacks.

Many doctors have said that people who suffer from a loss of sense of smell and taste, with digestive symptoms such as cramps and diarrhea, may only suffer from a mild form of the new Corona virus, which has now affected more than 55 million people worldwide.

Not only is there no medical treatment for losing the sense of smell and taste, but it may also mean that they have protected themselves from acute respiratory attacks, which usually start from the second week of infection with Corona infection.

According to the Indian doctors who worked on mapping the signs and symptoms of Corona, patients with moderate or severe form of the disease, who require critical care in the intensive care unit, rarely report a sudden loss of smell as a symptom, which may mean that, “ Prognosis for ‘significantly good’ and mild form of COVID-19.


What does loss of sense of smell or taste look like?

Statistics indicate that approximately 40% of Corona patients suffer from a change or change in the loss of the sense of smell and taste in some cases, it can affect the senses completely. For some people, an altered sense of smell can be very overwhelming, and it can alter the natural way foods smell and taste.

If it continues for a while, it can make a person hate eating and get a low level of nutrition, as changing the taste of food can cause them to suffer from anorexia as well.

In many cases, loss of smell can also lead to signs of permanent damage and the longer it lasts, turning into a more psychological problem however, no matter how upsetting, loss of smell and decreased sense of smell can be a sign of a healthy recovery.

And there is a study indicating that the loss of the sense of smell and taste may be an indication of positive healing for patients with Covid-19 When the olfactory senses recover and are renewed from a viral attack, they misinterpret some of the connections and make you feel the change in the sense of smell and taste.

As they regrow, it takes some time before your normal sense of smell returns.

How long does it take to recover from a loss of smell and taste?

For patients, it may take anywhere from a week to a month or more for the signs to improve and the disease is cured.Engaging in therapies such as scent training can also benefit if the altered meaning makes it difficult for a person to eat normally.


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