“Superwoman 1984” … a new Christmas adventure


“Wonder Woman 1984” “Super Woman 1984” will be released in US theaters and on the broadcast network (HBO Max).

It will be shown at the same time from Christmas Day on December 25, in an unusual broadcast plan imposed by the Corona pandemic.

AT&T Warner Bros Entertainment said the movie, which was in its first sweeping success, will be shown in cinemas outside the United States, where the HBO Max network is unavailable, as of December 16. the first.

In a post explaining why the company decided to make the film available to viewers at home and in cinemas at the same time, Jason Keelar, CEO of Warner Media, said: “For a movie of this size, this is an unprecedented occurrence.”

Cinemas are usually released in theaters for around 75 days before being shown on broadcast channels.

The movie “Superwoman 1984” is an action movie starring Gal Gadot, and was initially scheduled to be released in cinemas in June 2020, but Hollywood film production companies decided to postpone showing most of the cinematic works of interest to 2021 due to the closure of many theaters. In major markets due to the Corona virus, which dealt a fatal blow to production companies.

The show “Superwoman 1984″ has been delayed several times, and is the last big-budget action movie on the 2020 list.

The show’s plan won the support of the film’s director, Patty Jenkins, who had previously sought to show it in cinemas. She wrote on Twitter: “At some point you would rather share love and joy with others than anything else..I really hope that our film will give you a small amount of joy and breathing space. All for the upcoming holiday season. ”

She said that the move “was not an easy decision .. We never thought that we would have to postpone the show throughout this period … but Covid has ravaged all of our worlds.”

Kilar said, he believes that the move is beneficial for both viewers, employees and the company, “given that the viewer’s response is received, whether in theaters or via the HBO Max network in the United States.”

The company is trying to attract new subscribers to the (HP or Max) service, which it launched in May for a monthly subscription of $ 15 to compete with Netflix.

It is unclear how many viewers will go to cinemas with the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, while they can watch the movie at home, and theaters remain closed in Los Angeles and New York, the two largest markets for theaters in the United States.

And cinemas that are open elsewhere offer only a limited number of tickets and take additional steps to prevent the spread of the virus.

The movie (1984) is the second part of the movie (Superwoman), which was released in 2017 and generated $ 821.8 million in ticket sales worldwide.


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