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The work was done with confidence, persistence, ambition, and aspiration to success, and nothing but success under unprecedented circumstances in its difficulty for the whole world, since the Kingdom’s assumption of the presidency of the G20 a year ago, the Corona pandemic has swept the world and upended its health, economic and financial balances and equations, and many countries have exposed to suffocating crises, and caused In the emergence of tensions in the relations of some countries, and the Kingdom had to deal with all the scheduled and emergency files at the G20 summit, and succeed in creating balances, finding consensus, and resolving visible and hidden differences to come out with recommendations agreed upon by all.This is what happened after the Riyadh summit on November 21-22, as the words of the President of the Summit, King Salman and the closing statement delivered by His Highness the Crown Prince, were a real success in terms of welcome by all countries, for its comprehensiveness and coverage of the problems and crises that the world is currently facing and providing practical and logical solutions and recommendations from a humanitarian standpoint. Comprehensive for the benefit of all societies of the world.

There were bets hesitating before the summit that it would be formal and protocol only, promoted by some parties to reduce the importance of the Kingdom’s presidency of the summit in light of the current circumstances, but they were ignoring the intense work that took place throughout the year and dozens of seminars, workshops, research and meetings led by professional teams in all disciplines To ensure success, however, they were silent when the whole world welcomed the Kingdom’s good management of the summit and the quality of professional work that preceded it and guaranteed its success.

The Kingdom has become too important and too big to draw on the empty hype around it, because it bears great responsibilities towards its people and also the people of the world as an influential country in the global economy, economic policies, energy, money and business, it is moving steadily and strongly towards the future with a wise leadership and a people who believe in its leadership and are completely confident that it leads it to the best.

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