Sudan chooses “You Will Die at Twenty” to represent it in the Oscar competition



“You will die at twenty.”

Sudan, represented by the Ministry of Culture, chose the movie “You Will Die at Twenty” to represent it in the Oscar competition as Sudan’s candidate for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Award 93 in the category of best foreign fictional film.

The film “You Will Die at Twenty” is produced by Sudan and Egypt and directed by Amjad Abu Ala, and won many international prizes in international festivals, after receiving a development grant in a liaison fund at the Luxor Festival of African Cinema.

He participated in the Venice Festival and the El Gouna Festival and won the El Gouna Golden Star Award for Best Feature Film.

It was also shown at the Mumbai Film Festival, the Carthage Film Festival and a large number of other festivals, through which it won several awards, and recently it was shown at the Luxor Festival of African Cinema in its ninth session in the presence of a number of its heroes.

And the movie You Will Die at Twenty, based on the short story collection “Sleeping at the Feet of the Mountain” by the Sudanese writer Hammour Ziyad, winner of the Naguib Mahfouz Literary Prize, and it is the first feature film by Amjad Abu Al-Ela who co-wrote the work with Emirati writer Youssef Ibrahim, and co-starring in it. Islam Mubarak, Mustafa Shehata, Mazen Ahmed, Buthaina Khaled, Talal Afifi, Mahmoud Al-Sarraj and Bona Khaled.

Sudan chooses

Source: RT + media


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