Strong competitions in the Dubai Community Basketball Cup – Sports – Emirates stadiums


The activities of the Dubai Community Basketball Cup will witness strong competitions between the teams participating in the tournament, which is organized by the Dubai Sports Council and the Jam Sports Academy, in the covered hall of Al Nasr Sports Club, from November 9 to December 7.

12 teams from different communities residing in Dubai participate in this tournament, divided into 8 men’s teams: Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Serbia, the Philippines, France, India, and Sri Lanka, and 4 women’s teams: Syria, Lebanon, the European Union, And the Philippines.

The semi-final match between the Philippines and Serbia will be held at 9:30 pm today, in order to reach the final match on December 7. The tournament was held from its inception with a group league system of one round, and the participating teams were divided into two groups, and the first and second place winners from each group qualified for the semi-finals, namely India, Syria, the Philippines and Serbia.


In organizing this championship, the Dubai Sports Council aims to activate the partnership between the Dubai Sports Council with the private sector, in order to emphasize the importance of integrating roles between the various governmental and non-governmental sectors, to serve the community in sports, by organizing joint sports events that bring together athletes of different nationalities She lives in Dubai, which has over 200 nationalities, and promotes diversity in sports.

This is in order to provide the opportunity for sports enthusiasts from all members of the community to participate and follow the various sporting tournaments. It also gives the communities residing in Dubai the opportunity to practice their favorite sport, to entertain themselves, to strengthen their network of relations with their peers of various other nationalities, and to consolidate the relationship between them through honest competition, In an atmosphere of familiarity and acquaintance between all participants.

This championship also fulfills the council’s vision of building a distinguished sporting community, by providing the opportunity for the participation of various segments of society in it, as the council works according to a strategic plan, in line with the Dubai government’s plan.



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