Steps to download the PUBG MOBILE KURI 2020 Korean game via the website – Arab Press


The game of Peggy in Korea is one of the games that are downloaded by many people, especially during the recent period, because of the excitement, excitement and action that the game is characterized by, as it has been recently updated, which has attracted many people and young people who love the game, especially electronic games in various parts of the world And the company that produced the game by downloading a new version for the game that belongs to Korea.

How to download Pubg in Korea through the site

The company that produced PUBG has launched a new version, and the way in which it is downloaded through the latest version has been announced, and this is done through the Ptodon website, and Korean Pubg differs in the way that the download is done from the global game of PUBG because the real Buggy game is downloaded through The online store via Google Play or through the App Store.

PUBG Korea is downloaded through the App Don website, and you can log in by using Facebook or through Google Gmail or through Twitter, as one hundred players compete in the battle, and the match continues until the players exit and there is one player left to win the match And that will be the lucky owner of the game out alive

How is it loaded in PUBG, Korea

The game in Korea depends on all players trying to win on the battlefield and work to kill all enemies, and this is done by entering through buildings and climbing through vehicles and telescopic binoculars are used and special bags are used for first aid, and it is considered one of the original games that are used In addition to the possibility to use the microphone.


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