Starbucks encourages its employees in America to raise salaries


The “Starbucks” chain of the American coffeehouse giant decided, on Friday, to increase the salaries of employees of its branches in the United States.

And according to Agence France-Presse, according to a spokesman for the American company, the increase for coffee makers will not be less than 10%.

However, this percentage of the increase, which will be effective as of December 14, will not be limited to the “barista” only, but will also include, for the same, waiters and heads of work teams who were hired before September 14.

As for the salary increase for those working in the network for at least three years, it will be at least 11%.

The 5% increase will also include new employees, in order to attract new talent and motivate them to stay in the organization, according to the spokesperson.

Starbucks is an American coffee shop company, started in 1971 in Seattle, Washington state, by three partners: an English language teacher, history teacher, and writer.

The company now has more than 16,226 branches around the world, including 11,434 in the United States of America and more than 172,000 employees in all its branches.


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