“Sorour” confirms: 5 penalties not counted for Al-Nassr in the King’s Cup Final!


Sports Observatory: “Hashem Sorour”, the former player of Al-Nasr Club, expressed his anger at the repeated arbitration injustice suffered by the world football first team, especially during its match against Al-Hilal yesterday.
Sorour wrote, through his own account on the short blogging site “Twitter”, that he was surprised at not counting 5 correct penalties for Al-Nasr Club against Al-Hilal.
Sorour added, “From the large number of ballents that are not counted for victory, we said that they are three, and after reviewing the video of the match, it became clear that the number of non-counted ballets, which is correct, is five a record, and in one match for me, God is the first time I have seen this amount in my life.”
He continued: “One of the strangest matches in the world was yesterday, most of its events were plantings that were not counted! While Plenty, one who was taken out of the haystack, was counted! The injustice of the ruling and the fugitive canceled by the masses the word of good faith! Because of the repeated arbitration mistakes on victory …!


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