Soon .. Windows 10 will run mobile apps designed for Android


Sunday, 29 November 2020 18:23

I wrote – Menna Allah Gamal:

Working Microsoft On a project called Latte that would allow app developers to bring their Android apps directly to Windows 10 With few changes in icons.

Developers will need app packages Android Of them in MSIX format and sent to the Microsoft Store, according to Windows Central reports.

MSIX is an application package format Windows It provides a modern packaging experience for all Windows applications.

Currently, users can run Android applications on their computers via app stream using the “Your Phone” app built into Windows 10، However, this functionality has been limited to a few devices Samsung.

Project Latte will allow app developers to bring apps to Windows 10 The Windows version does not have it, however, Project Latte might not support Play Services because Google Do not allow Play Services to be installed on anything other than Android devices and system

Chrome Launch.

The report said: “This means that the applications that require Play Services APIs You will need an update to remove those dependencies before sending them on Windows 10. ”Earlier, Microsoft tried the same thing with a similar project codenamed Astoria which didn’t see the light.

Project Latte is likely to be powered by the Windows subsystem for Linux WSL, and the report mentioned that Microsoft announced that WSL will soon have support for GUI Linux applications, as well as GPU acceleration that should aid in the performance of applications running via WSL.


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