Sony PlayStation 5 .. a closer look


The new Sony Play Station 5 gaming device comes with an eye-catching design, as the era of gaming devices has passed, which looks like a black box under the TV.

Since the new gaming device comes with a weight of 4.5 kilograms, a height of 40 cm with a depth of 26 cm, including the stand, it fits with only a limited number of shelves, but the body design helps in the cooling process, while the owners of the previous version of the gaming device suffered from the fan noise When playing compute-intensive games, they need superior performance to run; So this problem rarely appears with the new PlayStation 5.


The new Sony PlayStation 5 is available in two models: the first is equipped with a Blu-ray Disc player unit at a price of $ 500, and the second comes without it at a price of $ 400, and the high cost of the model with a Blu-ray Disc player unit can be justified by the ability to play used games on it.

The Japanese company has also added some improvements to the design of the control arm; But the real technological advancements lie inside the console, where the DualSense controller can work through impressive haptic responses, especially with the Astro’s Playroom pre-installed on the new PlayStation 5.

Fast loading times

The Japanese company has managed to achieve fast loading times thanks to its adoption of the SSD with a storage capacity of 825 GB; Where the games are loaded in a quarter or half of the time compared to the PlayStation 4, in addition to that the memory space is supposed to be expanded by the internal hard drives, and Sony will reveal more details on this topic later.

The new PlayStation 5 is compatible with the previous version; Where all PlayStation 4 games can be played on the new device, and game results can be transmitted in most cases, and Sony has also announced the launch of some exclusive games in the future.

Media center

Of course, the PlayStation 5 can be used as a media center at home by various broadcasting applications such as Spotify, Twitch, and Netflix.

Compared to the new Microsoft Xbox, the new Sony PlayStation 5 is considered a modern generation of gaming device, not just an upgrade to the old model, and this is particularly evident through the new design of the user interface, in addition to the arm DualSense Control can really create a new feeling of playing, and pure fun through haptic responses.

The feature of the new PlayStation 5 appears among gaming enthusiasts, who have a 4K TV and want to enjoy the new games, which are available in a limited way initially for the new PlayStation 5.

Although Sony has introduced many important technical functions in the new gaming device; However, most buyers may wait for some time until more exclusive games are released for the new PlayStation 5.


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