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Social / “digital seats” for hikers in the Eastern Province, the Saudi Press Agency


Social / “digital seats” for hikers in the Eastern Province

Monday 3/3/1442 AH, corresponding to 09/11/2020 AD, SPA

Dammam 23 Rabi Al-Awal 1442 AH corresponding to 09 November 2020 AD SPA
The Eastern Province Municipality has begun installing seats for hikers, the “digital rest” as a prototype, in the walkway of the Eid prayer hall, located in the Granada neighborhood in Dammam, in order to improve the level of services provided and improve the urban landscape.
Amanat Al-Sharqiya explained that these digital seats contribute to the service of society and meet their needs, as it is equipped with the latest multi-use technologies, and works on solar energy through a solar panel with a capacity of 100 watts supported by “Wi-Fi” and 4 “USB” ports for charging smart devices, and a digital clock (20 Cm – 35 cm) gives information on the timing of the hour, date, day and temperature.
These seats contain a speaker for the five daily prayers, which have been programmed according to the local time for the area, and equipped with LED lighting made of iron, 9 wood slats from the top, and 5 wood slats for the seating area that are water and dust resistant.
In the coming period, the Eastern Province Municipality seeks to increase the seats to 20, and to distribute them in vital sites in the region.
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