Sherihan joins the world famous … she donated her dress to the victims of the Beirut bombing (photos)


With passionate feelings, the Egyptian show star, Sherihan, joined the artists of the world and the Middle East by donating their belongings to the charity auction organized by the international “Sotheby’s” house in cooperation with five Lebanese charitable institutions for the victims of the Beirut bombing that rocked the city’s port last August.

Sherihan sent her famous message back to Sotheby’s, which she had addressed to Mrs. Fairouz during the first days of the terrible explosion, and the auction house sent the same message to Sky News Arabia by e-mail.

The Egyptian artist said in her influential message: “The diamond of the world will rise, Lebanon will rise and teach the world a lesson from the beginning and the new. This is you, the people of will and dignity, pride and determination, victory and reconstruction.”

She added, “You are creativity, art, and love. Lebanon is civilization, progress, and everything that is great, creative, beautiful and new .. rise up so that the world in you remains beautiful,” and concluded: “From my heart, peace to Beirut.”Sotheby’s revealed to Sky News Arabia that their selling partners, Creators for Lebanon, a non-profit organization, contacted the Egyptian artist, and expressed her willingness to participate in the dress she wore on the first “One Thousand and One Nights” fawas in 1987.

The dress is designed by Saudi designer Adnan Akbar, and it is made of luxurious silk, and according to the house, Sherihan signed the dress for auction, estimated at 18,000, to 25,000 pounds sterling.

Sherihan’s name was announced on a list that includes the holdings of a number of prominent celebrities, including: the dress of the Lebanese designer Elie Saab that American actress Emma Stone wore on the red carpet for the Oscars in 2015, in addition to the participation of model Naomi Campbell, British artist Damian Hirst, and British singer Jerry Halliwell.

Sotheby’s had announced its partnership with the “Lebanon For Creatives” and “Beirut for Art” initiative (founded by Lebanese abroad), to launch the “Love with Beirut To” auction for victims of the Beirut explosion, which is to be held in London from 7 December to December 15th.
The proceeds of the auctions are distributed among five charitable institutions that include: Nusaned, Our Home Your Home, Beit Al Baraka, where their focus is on sheltering displaced families, rehabilitating residential homes and local companies, and Al Fanar, the charity that provides support to social entrepreneurs and small businesses, and the “House of Christmas” Foundation. That helps preserve ancient buildings.


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