She asked for compensation of 10 million pounds .. Ahmed Flux reconciled with a girl who “insulted her” because of Saad Lamjarred


Artist Ahmed Flux announced his reconciliation with a girl called “Nelly Cherkaoui”, who filed a compensation lawsuit of 10 million pounds, after he insulted her on his account on social media, after she objected to his support for Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred, and Flux wrote details of the reconciliation through his account on the site “Instagram” He said: “As I said previously in his reality, Nelly Al-Sharqawi, that some used to distort my image, and I apologized to her for the response from Al-Adman and some fans when you attacked me for standing with my friend, the star Saad Al-Majd.”

And he continued: “And as I said before I see the members of her family, the beauty that I was honored and happy to meet because they are sisters and a close and beautiful family, whether her brother, the engineer Ahmed Al-Sharqawi, or her sister, the beautiful engineer, Nour Al-Sharqawi, and sure Nelly, who I wish her happiness and success in her life like my little sister.”

Reconciliation contract

He explained: “I have apologized to her for the addict’s response to this, because I do not accept such transgressions on my page and in the right of anyone, especially if he has a beautiful girl like Nelly, and despite my apology at her moment, as I mentioned earlier, this was used to distort my image by some Pages and individuals, and also the effect of this on a young woman in her early years, who made frequent speeches and bids, and this also does not accept it definitively, and for this first I publish the reconciliation contract and secondly apologize on behalf of the addict and all fans who have attacked her .. Secondly, publish the text of the contract so that you know the truth about things, whether for the party or for the girl’s party Beautiful Nelly, and let it be clear before you how much exploitation, injustice and distortion that affected my name and the name of this girl. “

Ahmed Flux
Ahmed Flux

He added: “Therefore, first of all, on all the pages that were published and offended or attacked, to apologize and publish the facts, and secondly to the sites that published the news of the existence of a case even though the case has not yet been decided on whether or not it is accepted. It is considered after the reconciliation contract and what came. There is conclusive evidence that I should publish news before making sure of the validity of the legal steps, which I called a grave error and a deliberate distortion that stirred up strife and was exploited by some sick souls, nothing more than a smear campaign ..

He concluded his speech by saying: “Therefore, after apologizing, reconciling and clarifying matters and facts in official clauses, all concerned parties … It was accepted or not, and everyone who gave the first apology instead of the addict and everyone who wanted sedition and did not publish it properly to both parties, whether I or Nelly. “

The Cairo Economic Court decided to postpone the first session of the trial of the artist Ahmed Flux, in the lawsuit filed by Nelly El-Sharkawy, to demand compensation of 10 million pounds, against the background of the artist insulting the complainant, who refused to attend the Moroccan artist Saad just to Cairo and organize a concert, for the session of November 4.


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